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  1. Lynn Martin says:

    Dear Natalie,

    I happened to find the Walker Treasury Project today and was delighted to find a photo for the Basket Cable. A friend and I have been trying to find this stitch for about two years.

    I read that this is a pattern from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns Page:274. I looked online and planned to purchase the book but discovered that there are several editions. Would you mind sharing with me the edition where you found the pattern?

    My neighbor/friend and I learned to knit after I retired. We share a love of yarns and patterns and this particular pattern has been a quest for several years after having seen it used for a shawl. The yarn shop where we found the shawl had lost all information on how to do the stitch.

    I live in the USA… in Illinois on the Prairie. I really admire your work and will bookmark your pages.

    Thank you in advance for any information you can provide regarding which edition you referenced in A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.

    Lynn Martin

    • natalie says:

      I think all the editions have the same pattern instructions for a specific pattern but maybe some have more or fewer patterns. Anyway, my copy is not given an edition number but it is published in 1998 and the original was 1968 according to the ISBN page (ISBN 0-942018-16-8). I hope that helps.

  2. Lynn Martin says:

    I will check and see if I can find the 1998 edition. I always love a “quest” and you’ve provided the information I need to complete this one!

    When I “grow up” I hope I can knit as beautifully as you! Thank you so much!!!


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