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Useful websites:




Online shops I have used/liked (mostly in the UK):


Also, for those on Ravelry, blanchn has put together a great page of Tips & Tricks with loads of useful links!



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  2. Peter Dunn says:

    Hey Natalie,

    I was poking around your site today, and I noticed your link “International shoe size conversion charts” on this page to I wanted to let you know that the site you’re linking to is a bit outdated and has some inaccurate/incomplete content. I’ve built a website,, that provides more accurate sizing charts, clean and modern interface, and that actually contains almost 500 boots and shoes size charts per brand, in addition to the generic charts. I feel it adds more value to visitors, since different shoe brands tend to vary quite a bit in their actual sizes and measurements. I’ve also added information on how to measure your foot size, which is always useful.

    I’d be tickled pink if you’d consider adding my site to your page. 🙂

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

    • natalie says:

      Thank you for checking out my site and leaving me this supportive comment. does indeed look like a very useful page/site and so I will add it to my “Knitting Links” page.

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