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Natalie Ford Knits. A lot. Often at night. Maybe I should call this Nocturnal Knits?


Provisional cast-on

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This post is a copy of a post I made in the closed Yahoo Group, MonthlyDishcloths after a number of people asked me how I do the provisional cast on in my photo and mentioned in another post I made there:

I have been asked by a few of you in private email how I did the provisional cast-on in my photo:

Well, there are a few on the site that Janet recommends and that I have used in the past as well, knittinghelp.com:

and a number on youtube.com (where I learned most of my knitting after knit and purl).

This is the crochet chain provisional cast-on that I used this time:

but I also like this one which also uses wast yarn and a crochet hook:

Here is my “Yarncrafts” YouTube favourites playlist which shows many of the videos that I have used in the past and that I use again and again:

The other stages in my use of a provisional cast-on for this cloth are unravelling the crochet chain, catching the live knit stitches from the cast-on end of the cloth onto a knitting needle and then grafting the start and finish ends of the cloth (with no bind-off/cast-off and so still has live stitches on the needle) using Kitchener Stitch which can also be found on knittinghelp and youtube.


Silvermist Squares

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This post is a copy of a post I made in the closed Yahoo Group, MonthlyDishcloths after a number of people asked me if the cloths were one of the KALs and, if so, which one. No, it is not a KAL in the group. It is a cloth that I had seen in someone else’s photo album on the Yahoo group and had then tracked down on Ravelry.

My photo on that closed group (for those that are members):

My Ravelry project for that pair of squares (photographed one laying on top of and slightly off-centre of the other):

The pattern on Ravelry (Silvermist Bath Set by Rosemary (Romi) Hill – “This pattern is available for $4.80 USD”):

My blog post:

Hope that helps!

The link to my post about it on the group (for those that are members) is as follows:


[Ravelry FO] Monthly Dishcloth 1st September 2015 KAL

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I love these pinwheel patterns!


This pattern has taken more than one ball of yarn and so I either need to make it in more than one colourway or find a colour that I have more than one ball and start again.

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I knit 8×4+1+4=37 sts instead of 21 sts so as to make a cloth.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/845246002195594/permalink… (closed FB group).

ETA: I need to start putting my planning thoughts into the Ravelry project descriptions, and so my natalieford.com and LJ blog posts. Here I saw the pink sample that was posted in the closed FB group with the stitch pattern rows and the detail that it was called the Fishtail Lace stitch pattern and I just knew it had to be knit in orange. It is only in the last few minutes, though, that I have realised that it looks like goldfish tails (or koi carp).

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