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Natalie Ford Knits. A lot. Often at night. Maybe I should call this Nocturnal Knits?


New needles

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Further to my earlier post about 2mm circular needles bending, I have spent part of a small, recent inheritance on a set of Dyakcraft 5″ Heavy Metal interchangeable needles (2mm – 3.25mm which are smaller interchangables than I have ever seen before).

They are solid stainless steel (instead of nickel plated tubes which tend to bend, like most other fixed circular needles), interchangeable (worth repeating!), self-repairable if the cables come adrift and they will send out new items if anything breaks!

I only recieved them today (after hubby paid the customs fees and VAT at the sprting office for me which also came out of the inheritance, thank goodness) but I am already using them in one project and I think I am in love with them! These will eventually replace all of the bendy fixed circular needles of various manufacturers that I already own in these sizes.

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[Ravelry FO] String "vest" for my camelbak

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Untitled Untitled

Crochet loop cast-on.
Flat base as a built in coaster.
Lace body instead of the usual broken rib so as to use less yarn.
Used up every last cm of the yarn I had left!
Shirring elastic through the i-cord bind-off at the top to stop it shrinking back down.
Handle i-cord loop for carrying.

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[Ravelry FO] Buttercup Jacket

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This is probably the most obfuscatedly written pattern I have ever seen!

For example, what does this even mean?

insert a marker = mid on top of shoulder


Another hot-water bottle cover prototype

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Wed 09 Apr 14:
Ripping out current prototype having photographed it (the grey and blue version) to try a new chart (designed in Intwined Studio as always).

Not long after the start:
I am running out of the grey yarn because there was only a partial ball of yarn left from a previous project. I need to buy some more yarn.


“Knitting is cheaper than therapy!”

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Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time (from which comes the quote in my post title).

Source: The Truth About Knitting and Crochet….They’re Good for You!

Seen in an blog post (that I get by email) from Liat Gat of KnitFreedom: Liat and Knitting for Health In The News.

Liat also links to her older blog post: How Knitting Rescued Me, and A Knitted Christmas Ornament.

I have learned a lot from Liat’s emails and videos over the last few years and I agree that knitting keeps me sane.


Finished the second prototype and taken the photos, finally. Just need to write up the pattern at some point.

Sun 16 Mar, 2014:
I have finished the latest prototype but I want to try to make another one with increases and decreases making the rounded corners rather than sewing the square corners across diagonally with the cover inside out. I would also like to make the back of the cover stocking stitch (stockinette) but that will warrant some decreases after the initial cast-on and that might look weird. Another idea is knitting from the top down but then I am not sure how to perform the increases from neck to body.

Fri 7 mar, 2014:
I am designing/unventing this pattern as I go along. I initially made this with stocking stitch and had it completed (no photos because I frogged it) and am now making a ribbed/cabled version which, if it works, I will write up.

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Hot-water bottle cover

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I am designing/unventing this pattern as I go along. I initially made this with stocking stitch and had it completed (no photos because I frogged it) and am now making a ribbed/cabled version which, if it works, I will write up.

On Ravelry.

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Comission knitting

On Tuesday March 11, 2014, in Commission knitting, by natalie

I am now accepting one commission knitting project at a time. Email me or message me on Ravelry and we can talk about terms (prices and deadlines), patterns and yarn.

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[Ravelry FO] Easy blanket

On Monday March 3, 2014, in Finished Objects, by natalie

Using the aran yarn from the frogged Minty Ridge and a much easier stitch pattern (than my earlier blanket attempt) that I can knit in front of the TV:

Cast on 201 sts.

Row1 (WS): Slip first st purlwise with yarn in front, P1, K1 100 times.

Row2 (RS): Slip first st purlwise wyif as above, K200.

Repeat these two rows.

Cast off knitwise on a RS row using a larger needle.


[Ravelry FO] Square Red Reclaimed Snuggle

On Friday February 28, 2014, in Finished Objects, by natalie

20140228: Frogged when almost complete to use the yarn on my large blanket.

Based on Grandmother’s Favourite Dishcloth pattern with M1 instead of YO so that there are no holes for pet claws to snag.

Aran reclaimed (and so slightly stretched and thinner) yarn (160g).

4.5 mm needles.

Cast on 4 stitches.

Row 1: Sl1 pw wyif, yb, K3.
Row 2: Sl1 pw wyif, yb, K2, M1, knit across the rest of the row.

Repeat Row 2 until you have used roughly half of your yarn and/or when the snuggie is large enough across the diagonal of the square (working row).

Row 3: Sl1 pw wyif, yb, K2tog, M1, K2tog, knit across the rest of the row.

Repeat Row 3 until you have 4 stitches on the needle.

Bind off.