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Natalie Ford Knits. A lot. Often at night. Maybe I should call this Nocturnal Knits?


[Ravelry FO] Week 8 square as a dishcloth

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I knit the week 8 pattern from the Rowan website as a dishcloth last night. Apparently, now that I have a small dishcloth cotton stash, I can knit a cloth in an evening/night.




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[Ravelry FO] Waterfall Pattern dishcloth

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Based on a stitch pattern from the Knitting Swatches blog.



Ravelry FO RSS feed

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I use WP-o-matic, a third party WordPress plugin, to add my finished Ravelry projects to this blog (and then the LiveJournal plugin to copy the posts to my LJ). Unfortunately, though, this always causes a problem when I ‘Finish’ more than one project in a day on Ravelry. One example os today when I have finished three projects on Ravelry but only two of them have reached my blog here and my LJ. I have posted a “Help” request over on Ravelry:

Some of my FOs do not appear on my FO RSS
Some of my FOs (e.g. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/natalieford/waterfall-pat… – it is on the feed now but BEFORE other FOs and so does not make it onto my blog) don’t seem to appear on my FO RSS (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/natalieford.rss?status=fi…) in order of creation and last modified / completed.
This is a problem for me because I use that RSS feed to populate my blog and the blog plugin just slurps the latest item on the RSS if it has not already done so. It will not slurp older items even if it does not have them. I am sure that this is because I tend to complete more than one project at a time on Ravelry because I consider a project finished once it is photographed and the Ravelry project is complete.
Am I missing something in how I define my projects? Help? How can I force FOs to appear on the RSS with the last “Finished” project on Ravelry at the top of the RSS other than by only ever completing a rav project once per day?

I even tried to make sure it all worked by running the WP-o-matic after I ‘Finished’ each project on Ravelry but still only two of the three appeared here.

Time to hand-mash a post for the third/missing project…


[Ravelry FO] Fluffy Brioche Dishcloth

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A dishcloth based on the blanket pattern Fluffy Brioche Baby Blanket by Purl Soho.

This one is harder to knit when watching TV or reading although I ded end up doing most stitches by feel / without looking at the knitting by the time I finished it.

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[Ravelry FO] Reversible Cabled Dishcloth

On Thursday June 18, 2015, in Finished Objects, by natalie


Knitting a dishcloth/sampler based on the blanket pattern
Reversible Cabled Blanket by knitculture.com.

A view of how it is double sided:


[Ravelry FO] Diagonal Knit Dishcloths

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Yellow cloth = SKP as in the main pattern.

I am also kniting the variants mentioned at the end of the pattern:
Purple cloth = K2tog.

Green cloth = K2togTBL.

Light blue cloth = SSK.

I think I like the look of the K2togTBL (green cloth) the most and it is also the easiest to knit, for me.

Links to photos of the reverse side of the cloths (i.e. the side that you actually knit the YOs and decreases):
Yellow / SKP.
Purple / K2tog.
Green / K2togTBL.
Light blue / SSK.